Off The Clock Productions

Company Profile


Off The Clock Productions is a small company located on the beautiful prairies of South Dakota.  At this time we are offering website design and  promotion of your music or business through an internet presence.


Future endeavors will include artist studio time with rental equipment, mixing & mastering of your CD and CD Duplication

Owner Profile/About Bonnie

I have found every excuse I can think of not to step out of my comfort zone and start my own company. It's amazing how you can wake up one day and just know that now is the time to take a chance on yourself and your dreams. 


I hold a Bachelor of Science Degree in Contemporary Media & Journalism or Mass Communication w/Electronic Emphasis and Business Administration from the University of South Dakota.


I have spent countless hours building many web sites for organizations and have worked in radio and as a videographer/editor for SDPTV. I have held local and state offices in county government and various professional organizations.  


My experiences have brought me to this moment in my life and I am ready to take on the challenges of entrepreneurship to grow my business and yours.

Off The Clock Productions is located in the central part of South Dakota.